Tips from an expert networker

I often get told my reputation precedes me, not only in my professional life but in my personal life too. This is my nature it is not something i have to force, perhaps because of the way i was brought up as a Buddhist in a very business focused family, or perhaps i just learnt to always be that little bit cheeky.

I am not talking about the rigid networking events where 20 sales people turn up to do a sales pitch, i am talking about something entirely different...

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Extreme perhaps? Actually not as crazy as it first seems.

I recently shared an article about this but this is my own account:

Entrepreneurs and business leaders the world over wake up early, my own father (a retail/manufacturing entrepreneur himself) has always woken up at the crack of dawn and it never clicked before that maybe I should follow suit. From a young age I would get up and see my dad had already done half a days work before I had even brushed my teeth!

It made sense...

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How to get noticed in the UAE job market

Looking for a job in the UAE is not for the faint hearted, it can take weeks, months even but it shouldn’t have to. With the right amount of effort and with a good technique you will get noticed.

Here are some handy and brutally honest tips of the best routes to finding your dream job and condensing the time it takes to do it.

Firstly, be patient.

If you can help it do not quit your job before finding something new, yes handing your notice in will give you time…. maybe too much time.

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