Extreme perhaps? Actually not as crazy as it first seems.

I recently shared an article about this but this is my own account:

Entrepreneurs and business leaders the world over wake up early, my own father (a retail/manufacturing entrepreneur himself) has always woken up at the crack of dawn and it never clicked before that maybe I should follow suit. From a young age I would get up and see my dad had already done half a days work before I had even brushed my teeth!

....It made sense.

I am a morning person, I do exercise regularly and I often complained of not having enough hours in the day.

Things changed for me recently after one of those once in a lifetime trips (I trekked Mongolia for 9 days for charity) where I came back with a completely different perspective. I came back hungrier to make a difference, as I feel fortunate more than ever before to be in the position that i am.

So why 5:30am? To be honest I could get up at 6am but I like to actually have time to feel human before heading straight out to the gym.

Exercise... I actually joined a bootcamp to motivate my friend, then I myself became addicted. I currently train 5 or 6 times a week.

Strength... Not just in my body but in my mind. I have always been an advocate for the fact that exercise makes everything stronger - your mind, your body, your spirit. No matter what stresses you have if you exercise you feel better about ...well everything, which in turn allows you to process stressful situations in a different way.

Motivator... Just by association the Searchie team have been more physical, perhaps its the fact I drone on about boot-camp, my groans when I get up from a seating position, or my ridiculous stories about falling off an array of different gym machines. You would think I would be putting them off but no, it seems to be motivating others.

"Motivation by association: a small, barely noticed connection searing deep into the subconscious and sparking a motivational response. Along the lines of: “I am similar to this guy; he has achieved really good things; I want to achieve those things, too!”

- Sam Thomas Davies, 2016

Prioritise... My working day actually starts at 9am but I am always in for 8am, planning, writing lists, reading articles, trying my best to reply to as many messages as I can and getting set up for the day!

Routine... Dubai is a very distracting place to live, every single night there is some social event. I, like others have let it spiral out of control before. Having a routine means I prioritise what is important.

Relaxed... I feel I have more time, because I actually do!

Result... I personally am incredibly motivated, I absolutely love my job, the team are flourishing, the environment is amazing and the Searchies are currently top of their game.

"Early to bed and early to rise, makes a man healthy, wealthy and wise.”

-Benjamin Franklin